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Alta Vista Veterinary Clinic


Levi @ the
A's Game

Moka at his new home!
AVVC found a great home for Moka- he is so happy going for daily walks and lounging around with the family
No room
for mom!

The office dogs Chili, Leila and Butters napping with baby Oliver
Dr Budde, Puddles and Oliver
in the sun!

AVVC client greeter Chilibean and Dr B's grandson Oliver catching some Z'
Happy 1st Birthday Mowgli!
Someone wants a belly rub!
in Hawaii

Looking less then thrilled to be wearing his cone.
A brief rest after hiking with…
Fruit Note
Animal health can be a difficult and emotional career choice. A note with such kind words of appreciation from our clients remind us all why we are here.
Fruit Bouqet
Letter from Jan
Lucy Lu!
Looking as beautiful as ever thanks to the styling of super groomer Jenny :)
Chilly the cat. Hypnotizing.
Tubby cuddles
More AVVC fans!
Alta Vista Fan Club
Lucy Lu!
Looking super cute all groomed up thanks to Jenny :)
Getting ready for Halloween!
How many dogs can you see????
Gone but not forgotten.
Panda the pup
Kitty snuggles
AVVC summer bbq :)
Chilly hunting the light beam.…
Here's looking at you!
Cat Nap
Let sleeping dogs... sleep.
Indi, Tara and Murray Vallely
Murray and his Dad
Chocolate Mcllmoil
Rest in peace sweet one. 1999-2012
Shadow and his new baby sister…
Beautiful flowers from our won…
Hi, my name is Red!
She thinks she is hiding
Boss gets bullied by Otis
Leila napping in the computer …
Sharing the sun spot.
Tiger napping in his nook.
Kittens available for adoption…
Rescue pup Melanie growing up …
Bo Bo smiling for the camera!
Butters and the nylabone
Puds working hard!
Choppers feet
Pile of cat.
Tubby and Chilli: stare contes…
Napping in the sun
Chills and Chop snuggle time
Taking out the trash
"Peek A Boo" Butters!
Chopper playing hide and seek.
Sleeping Leila
Chili Bean sleeping.
Puddles napping.
Tour Of The Office
Tour Of The Office
Tour Of The Office
Tour Of The Office
Crazy Kitties
Crazy Kitties
Crazy Kitties
Crazy Kitties
Crazy Kitties
Dogs On Adventure
Dogs On Adventure
Dogs On Adventure
Dogs On Adventure
Dogs On Adventure