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The Importance of a Yearly Vet Visit

a veterinarian examining a dog
You love your furry family member and try to do what’s best for them at all times. From the food you buy them to their ergonomic bed, you pamper your pet. But are you taking them to the vet yearly? A yearly vet visit is the only way to ensure your pet is fully healthy. Just like your child or yourself, a yearly checkup is vital to their health for several reasons.

Life Cycle of Pets

The biggest reason you need to take your pet to their vet yearly is that pets age and develop much faster than humans. A dog going a year without a checkup is like a human going six years without seeing a doctor.


Animals are incredibly smart, but they are also easily confused and scared, especially of new things or places. By bringing your pet to the vet yearly, they’ll become familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of our clinic and our vet staff. It’s also important for the vet to be familiar with your pet so they understand what “normal” behavior is for your pet.

Early Detection

Unfortunately, pets can develop debilitating and life-threatening diseases. Fortunately, these can be treated, but the earlier they’re discovered, the better. Dr. Budde will examine your pet and check for abnormal behaviors and health signs to hopefully catch any issues before they spiral out of control.
Alta Vista Veterinary Clinic takes pride in caring for pets in Hayward, California. We love seeing you and your pet, so make sure to schedule your yearly exam with us soon! 510-537-3562