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3 Reasons to Bring Your Dog to the Vet Regularly

Veterinarian Checking the Dog's Health
Just as humans receive routine wellness exams, your canine companion requires the same preventative care. Routine checkups by a veterinarian is a smart and safe way to ensure your pet is in good health. Catching a medical issue early on will enable treatment which can prevent it from becoming serious. Here are 3 smart reasons to take your dog to the vet on a routine basis.

1. The Vet May Find a Hidden Illness

Many animals naturally don’t display signs of illness. In the wild, an animal that reveals obvious weakness or signs of illness becomes an easy mark for predators. Also, canines are pack animals by nature, and those that are weak or ill are often rejected by their pack. If the dog appears to look and act normal, this behavior may be simply a self-preservation or survival instinct.
How can you tell if your dog is healthy or if your pet is pretending and hiding an illness? The safest way is to bring your dog to a veterinarian for routine checkups. During the routine examination, blood work and a urinalysis test may be ordered, both of which may reveal illness you may not have been aware of.
The vet may recommend how often this should be done. Routine exams may be recommended once a year for adult dogs or more often for senior dogs or those with health issues.

2. The Vet May Address Your Concerns

As a concerned pet owner, you may have questions and concerns about your pet's needs, habits or changes in behavior. As convenient as it may seem to search for answers on the internet, this is not the best approach. Scheduling your dog for routine exams allows you the opportunity to discuss changes, progress, and any concerns you may have.
Your pet's needs may change as he or she ages. Dietary changes may be in order, and you may seek advice on modifications to your dog's diet to ensure nutritional needs are met. If you are concerned that your pet is not at the proper weight or has lost or gained weight, the vet can check that as well.
You should discuss concerns or changes to bring your veterinarian up to date on your pet's status. Regular checkups help you do that.

3. The Vet May Perform Regular Grooming and Cleaning

You should clean your dog's teeth, ears, and eyes regularly. Nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent injury and make walking more comfortable. However, with the busy lifestyle that many pet owners lead, routine cleanings and grooming aren’t always easy to do at home.
Are you are unable to groom your pet routinely at home? If you find it difficult to trim nails or clean around the eyes and inside the ears on a consistent basis, bring your pet to the vet regularly. Your vet can help keep your dog properly groomed at visits even if you don’t have the time or other resources to do it yourself.
In addition, your veterinarian may check your dog's teeth and gums. Just as humans need to have regular dental exams, your dog should be given the same care. After the initial exam of your pet's teeth and gums, the vet may do a dental cleaning to protect your dog’s teeth. This may be recommended on a routine basis, another reason to schedule regular vet exams.
Get to know your veterinarian so you may develop a long-term professional relationship. Keep the office hours and phone number of your veterinary clinic handy, and set reminders to schedule your routine pet exams. Contact us for appointments so you can keep your pet healthy.